X: Short Film Analysis

I decided to analyse the final cut of my short film, X.

I think that my short film was fairly successful. All of the audience feedback that I received showed that I effectively made a film that built tension and made the film scary for those who watched it. I am proud of the contrast between normality and the abnormal event, and how well the voice-over builds up to this moment of the film. I managed to capture this normality by emphasising it within the voice-over, and by using beige and dull coloured footage throughout the film. The ending definitely seemed to work exactly how I wanted it to; my audience kept asking for more of the story, and had loads of questions about what happened next.

My film fits into the psychological horror tropes of Mind Screw and Nothing Is Scarier, due to the action within the plot building up to the pinnacle moment, and having no real ending after this. The film just stops in the middle of this scene, to leave the audience wanting to know more. The cliffhanger effect helps to capture the uncertain atmosphere that arises within my film.

I used a range of different shots throughout my film, in an attempt to give my film some variation. I used extreme long shots and long shots to give the audience a sense of the main characters home, and also to make them look for what could be hiding. I used extreme close ups and close ups to show important details within the film. I used tracking shots to give the film a more realistic look, similar to that of films in the social realism genre.

I chose to use sound effects in place of some of the realistic sounds, such as the mouse clicking and the doorbell ringing, as I could then control the volume of these noises to potentially make my audience jump. As for my music choice, I decided that I would use a piece which slowly built until the loudest point (and important part of the film) then stopped. I also used a heartbeat sound effect, to give off the impression that the main character was scared. This works well because the audiences heartbeat eventually follow the same pattern as the music that I used.


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