X: Review (Esme Devoy)

My fellow filmmaker, Esme Devoy, has sent me a video review of my edited version of our film. Although we worked together, we decided to edit the film seperately and therefore our results are different, here is what she thought of my film:

(transcripted from a video that was sent to me):
Hi, I’m Esme and I acted and co-directed in the film that Harriet made, but we edited it separately and I thought I’d give a little review of what I thought of Harriet’s editing and stuff. Um, so, I think Harriet did an amazing job with all the footage that we had and, like, how she created it, um, with the sound especially. So, our film is really, really intense and, how she, like there’s a little bit at the end of the film where Gina and Olivia have a really intense moment and I think that is probably the height of the fear of the film and I think she really, really caught onto that and made that as spooky and scary that she could. Um, the voiceover that she included, I thought was amazing because I only have one at the start and hers, because it kind of goes throughout, a little bit, um, really, really helped clear up anything that was a bit confusing, because it can get a bit confusing, especially in a short film, which, so that I thought that was really good and she definitely kept the mysterious aspects throughout, which I thought was great. So, overall, I thought it was amazing and I don’t know what else she could do to add to it so thumbs up to Harriet.


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