X: Review (Frederick Redding)

A film enthuast, Freddie Redding, has also reviewed my short film, X. 

“X” is a thrilling and intriguing short film. There is a really exciting contrast between the banal events of the opening and the exhilarating final sequence. I really enjoyed the elements of social realism throughout – the shots of food preparation emphasised banality and the food seemed unappetising, and this was all heightened by the narration to paint a picture of a tediously normal life. I was struck by the distinct lack of colour, with beiges and greys dominating the shots, underlining the boredom of the typically suburban location.                

Despite all this display of dreary normality, the overall effect of the film is exciting and even thrilling. The depiction of drudging routine that dominates the film slowly and very effectively builds up an atmosphere of tension and unease – I felt that the normality of it all could not on forever, something unexpected was surely going to interrupt the routine, though I didn’t know what it would be. This was exciting. This excitement exploded at the end, and the use of pacey shots and the heartbeat sound effect upped the tempo. I enjoyed the way the mystery of the situation was suspended all the way until the end, with the intruder’s face only revealed in the penultimate shot. In final shot the face of the protagonist was shown, and the previously non-diegetic narration merged with the words of the protagonist (“what the F…?”) and this really framed the film as a story told by her.

It intrigued me – from what point in time was the story being told? What had happened next?   


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