X: Review (Iona Duffy)

A media student from Chippenham College has reviewed my short film, X.

The short horror film ‘X’ by Harriet Moore is a psychological thriller surrounding real events of someone living secretly in an attic. For being a short film, it kept me in suspense and on edge if the stowaway upstairs would ever be found. The voice acting makes everything clear and enhances the story as the main character is recalling her events to the police, making it look like she’s recalling her experience though footage and memory. The shots that were recorded were well captured, ranging from the ‘cctv’ camera shots to extreme close ups at the end, really selling that look of shock.

The production is also professionally edited, making sure that the filler shots of the shopping being put away didn’t drag on, and the end scene where there are fast paced shots that cut back and forth between the main character and the stowaway really makes the realisation that someone is living in their attic hit home even more. The sound also adds a tight tension to the film, especially when the chase scene begins – I could feel the music making my heart beat faster.

Overall I would recommend ‘X’ to friends as it captures all the elements of a real life event with thriller elements.


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