Audience Feedback: Short Film (Results)

After sending my questionnaire to members of my target audience, as well as advertising it on social media, I got 10 responces in around 2 days. Here are the answers:

what do you like about my short filmwhat dont you like about my short filmwhat would you change about my short film10 outta 10 would recommend

Most people said how the liked the varied camera angles and pace of the shots, and how this reflects the social realism aspects of the film. The voiceover was mentioned as it added suspense to the film. Lots of responses mentioned that the film was full of suspense and was gripping. A couple of people also mentioned the subtle hints throughout the film, which means they were definitely picked up by some if not all audience members. When asked what they didn’t like, many people joked that they didn’t like the ending because they didn’t get to find out what happens. Two people mentioned the change of volume in the sounds, but this was intentional in order to create more tension and suspense. In terms of what to change, a couple of people said that they wanted to see more (the food scenes, the ending, what happens after, etc.) however due to the time limit on my brief, this would not really be possible, and I didn’t want to change the ending as the cliffhanger was intention (and it clearly worked). All 10 people said that they would watch it again!


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