X: Short Film (First Draft)

Here is the first draft for my short film, X.

I decided to exclude the audio on this as I wanted to just focus on the visual aspect of my film, in order to get this right before working on the audio, as I will need to fit the voiceover to the length of my films’ scenes.

There are a couple of changes that I want to make to the way I have edited my footage:

Firstly, I want to delete the clip at 3:37 to 3:52 because the continuity does not work. Gina orders, and receives, only one camera, but my film currently has footage of her putting up two separate cameras. I don’t like this issue and I am going to remove this clip because the other shot shows the mysterious girl briefly.

The second problem that I am going to resolve is the shot that I previously just mentioned, from 3:52 to 4:52. I just feel as if that scene is too long/ longer than it needs to be. Although it builds tension for the audience, because they are wondering what is going to happen and perhaps expect a jump scare, I think that it is unnecessarily long and I am going to shorten the scene a little.

Lastly, I am going to remove all of the footage after 5:48. This is because it is disjointed, badly filmed and just doesn’t seem to work and fit in with the rest of my short film. I am going to cut the footage after the eye contact scene, but I am still going to try and incorperate the “what the f-” quote into the end, perhaps by refilming this part from down in the landing.


One thought on “X: Short Film (First Draft)

  1. Some good parts here but there is a certain degree of tidying up to do:

    Look very carefully at footage- anything that is in soft focus- even if only a bit- needs to be cut or replaced- e.g some soup cans are out of focus.

    Some of the continuity style footage can be cut

    Is it totally clear that food is going missing? This is important and should be emphasised

    Is the footage on the cctcv cam filmed at the right angle?

    The ending needs tidying.


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