X: Short Film (Third Draft)

Here is the third draft for my short film, X.

In this draft of my film, I added in some music towards the end. I sourced the music from a YouTube channel called FesliyanStudios, and asked permission from the owner to use it within my own film. I then added in a heart beat clip, which I also found on YouTube. I also added in two extra clips in the eye contact scene at the end of the film.

Now, I am going to add in a voiceover, which will make the film much easier to understand for the audience, and will help the audience to relate to the main character; this voiceover will fill the silent areas of the film.


X: End Credits Music Choice

For the end credit music, I am deciding between subtle or intense music. I searched through Free Music Archive for music under the “eerie” category. A lot of the music I found and liked was by David Szesztay. Below are the ten potential songs I found, that I think would be suitable for the end credits of my film:

End Credit Music.jpg

I was debating between Surreal/ Surreal (2) by David Szesztay ( this was a more subtle track), Creepy Atmo by David Szesztay (this is subtle with intense parts) and Dark Smile by David Szesztay (this is an intense piece), but have now decided that I am not going to put a conventional end credit scene, instead I will credit those involved in the description of my video. I made the conscious decision to do this, as it makes the ending to my film seem more abrupt and confusing.

X: Short Film (Second Draft)

Here is the second draft for my short film, X.

In this draft,  I added in left in some of the natural sound, whilst also adding in a few natural-sounding sound effect, such as the doorbell and clicking on the computer mouse.

I also made a couple of changes to the actual footage itself. Firstly, I deleted the clip at 3:37 to 3:52, because the continuity didn’t work as Gina orders and receives one camera, but the footage originally showed her putting up two separate cameras, therefore I got rid of the clip that did not show the girl rummaging through the cupboards – I thought this was unnecessary. I also made the gap between Gina leaving and Olivia entering shorter, because I thought that it was too long and lost the effect that I wanted it to have.

In terms of the ending, I decided to delete all of the footage after the eye-contact scene, because I don’t think it worked well; it wasn’t successful in the way that I wanted it to be, so I simply got rid of it, rather than re-filming. I think that this works better, and makes the ending more clear.

In the next version, I will try to add in some music where necessary, before recording the voiceover for the final version. This will hopefully build more tension and make the film easier to understand for the audience.

X: Short Film (First Draft)

Here is the first draft for my short film, X.

I decided to exclude the audio on this as I wanted to just focus on the visual aspect of my film, in order to get this right before working on the audio, as I will need to fit the voiceover to the length of my films’ scenes.

There are a couple of changes that I want to make to the way I have edited my footage:

Firstly, I want to delete the clip at 3:37 to 3:52 because the continuity does not work. Gina orders, and receives, only one camera, but my film currently has footage of her putting up two separate cameras. I don’t like this issue and I am going to remove this clip because the other shot shows the mysterious girl briefly.

The second problem that I am going to resolve is the shot that I previously just mentioned, from 3:52 to 4:52. I just feel as if that scene is too long/ longer than it needs to be. Although it builds tension for the audience, because they are wondering what is going to happen and perhaps expect a jump scare, I think that it is unnecessarily long and I am going to shorten the scene a little.

Lastly, I am going to remove all of the footage after 5:48. This is because it is disjointed, badly filmed and just doesn’t seem to work and fit in with the rest of my short film. I am going to cut the footage after the eye contact scene, but I am still going to try and incorperate the “what the f-” quote into the end, perhaps by refilming this part from down in the landing.

X: “Are things going missing in your own home?!”

I have created a new wordpress blog, so that we can use this within our film. When Gina googles that she has a problem, we will make it so that this link appears and she clicks onto it, it will go onto this page:


The link on the post goes to the camera thats he orders, which arrives at her door the next day.

You’ve no sign of a break-in and you’re the only one with a key to your house, so how is it happening?

I’ve heard several cases in which people have found objects like clothing, food or blankets going missing in their own homes…
I myself experienced this. However, after speaking to a psychic he implied that it was something paranormal living in my home. As soon as I heard this I went and bought a camera ASAP.

If you are experiencing similar scary happenings, I would highly recommend setting up one or more cameras around your home, so you can truly identify what the cause is.

I have linked my trusty camera, as I’m now putting it up for sale:


Good luck!

X: Opening Sequence (First Draft)

I decided to create a first draft of the opening sequence for my short film. I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC and uploaded the first 50 seconds to YouTube.

Between 0:06 and 0:11, I put the text “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”, I used a cross dissolve in and out so that it flowed well, rather than it flashing on and off of the screen. I used the font “Haettenschweiler”, and made the opacity 70%; I changed the font to a shade of red because this is stereotypically used for horror films. However, I think that I am going to change this when I do the final cut of my film. I am going to use a different font, which will seem more eerie, called “Mom’s Typewriter”, and I will change it to a simple black font as this will be more subtle.

I used the additive dissolve video transition to make the transition between clips at 0:16 seem creepy, even supernatural. I used a varied range of shots, of which I think worked really well together and successfully shows my film-making skills; I used contrasting close-ups and long shots. I didn’t need to use transitions between the majority of the shots, as they were so different that they worked well cut together.

For now, I have muted all of the audio so I can focus on the video aspect of the film; I’m going to focus on getting the shots right. Eventually, I will add music, sound effects and a voice-over, but I didn’t want to bother with any audio tracks for my first drafts, I will add these into the final cut of the short film.

X: Music Use 2

I wanted to use part of this video as a piece of music/ sound effect in my short film:

I wanted to email the creator to ask for permission, but could not find contact details anywhere, so I commented on the video to ask for permission to use the clip instead:

the 12 hour movie specialist


X: Music Use

I wanted to use part of the music from this music video on YouTube:

I emailed the owner of the clip to ask whether I would be able to use within my short film:


Luckily, I got a reply straight away telling me that I can use the music for my film.

I used this clip in my film from START TIME to FINISH TIME (add in).


X: Music and Sound Effects Research

Esme and I searched through YouTube for the kinds of music and sound effects that we want to use in our films. This initial research helped us to discover the types of sounds and soundtracks that we want to use. This helped us to establish whether pieces of music and sound effects will be suitable, too subtle or over-the-top. Below are some of the videos that we found: