X: Filming (Day 4)

Here are the thumbnails for the last day of shooting. On this day, we filmed the scenes where a parcel turns up and is opened. The shots of the shopping being put unpacked and put away. Shots of the camera being found and ordered online were filmed. We also filmed some additional security camera footage, in case this is needed.

Fourth Shoot Thumbnails


X: Filming (Day 3)

On the third day of filming, we reshot the food scene for the third time. I am happy with this shoot of the scene, and will use this for my final short film. This time round, we made sure that there was more of a process so that the scene didn’t seem jumpy and as if pieces had been missed out. We also tried to make it seem more obvious what had happened and make Gina’s feelings towards the event more distinguishable by filming her facial expression and body language to show her reaction.

Third Try Thumbnails

X: Food Scene – Experimentation

Here is my experimentation of the food scene, which I am going to re-shoot with food that is more believable as an adult meal. I edited this sequence to figure out how it would be edited together and see what worked well and what didn’t from this scene.

We found that when between the two shots of the plate with lots of food and with little food left, the camera had been moved, this meant that they didn’t quite match when they were edited together. Because of this, I used an additive dissolve to make the change look creepy and even supernatural. However, when I film this again, I will try to make sure that he footage is filmed from the same position, or contrasting angles, so that we do not have this problem again. I think that it would be better to have a cooked meal, like pasta or soup, as this looks like a more genuine than sandwiches and crisps.

X: Filming (Day 2)

Here are the thumbnails for the footage that we filmed on our second day of filming. On this day, we filmed more scenes from our film; we filmed from the living room scene to the end of the film. This includes the chase scene and the eye-contact scene. We also re-shot the opening scene, however I do not like the food scene, so I am going to re-shoot this again, but with a different meal. I felt as if the sandwiches and crisps seemed too childish, and therefore want a more mature type of meal, to make the main character seem as believable as possible as a middle-aged woman.

Second Try Thumbnails

X: Filming (Day 1)

Here are the thumbnails for the footage we took on our first day of filming. This was an experimentation with a couple of the scenes of our film, we decided to try filming the harder scenes so that we could shoot them again if necessary. We filmed the opening sequence; Gina walks up to her door and through her hallway, she unpacks her shopping and makes herself some dinner. This really helped us to see how this scene works and how it would be put together. However, I will not use the majority of the shots in my final short film, although I may use the odd shot if I prefer it over the shots from when these scenes are re-shot. Furthermore, we will have to make sure that the same clothes and props are used when we redo these scenes, so that they can be edited together with no continuity issues.

First Try Thumbnails.jpg

X: Storyboard

I decided to create a rough storyboard of what I how I want my film to go, so that when I was getting my footage I would know what I wanted to film and when; this way, I wouldn’t miss anything on any of my film days.


I did a rough plan, splitting my film into 8 scenes, figuring out approximately how long each scene will be when I have edited my film. Scene One: Gina walks into her house and unloads her shopping onto the work-top. Scene Two: Gina makes herself some bread and soup eats some then gets up and leaves it there. Scene Three: Gina comes downstairs to find food has been eaten whilst she’s been gone. Scene Four: Gina searches online and orders herself a video camera to figure out how/why. Scene Five: The camera arrives and she sets it ip in the kitchen. She catches something. Scene Six: She walks into her living room, places food on the floor and falls asleep on the sofa. Scene Seven: She wakes up with a large bang to find a girl eating her food who immediately flees. Scene Eight: Gina chases the girl up the stairs, they make eye contact “what the fu-“.

X: Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is necessary to complete before filming. When checking out locations, I noted down any potential hazards and identified these and their solutions. This helped be to complete the table below, which allowed filming to be a safe and secure environment, so that any accidents on set can be prevented and resolved if they do happen. As this setting a natural one, there are not as many risks as if the film was set in an open, public place. It also allows for change in the environment as permission is not needed to move objects around in the locations. Most of the potential hazards are low risk, and are easily fixed if they were to happen.

Tripping over wires and other objects on the floor. Inform every one of these hazards that are on the floor. Check the degree of which the person has been hurt.
Using a knife as a prop for one of the scenes. Make sure the knife is not too sharp. Have a First Aid kit on set, in case of any cuts.
Dark scenes and scenes with low-lighting are dangerous due to poor sight. Inform every one of potential hazards and minimise these. Turn lights back on. Check the degree of which the person has been hurt.
Falling from high areas, such as when scenes are being shot from above or when the attic ladder is being used. Be sure that the object being stood on is solid and sturdy before standing on them and allow a soft landing. If a person has a small injury, use the First Aid kit. If the injury is bigger, perhaps call 911 or visit A&E.
Running, falling over. Soft landing. Check the degree of injury.
Walking across a road with traffic and other people on, there is a potential to get hit. Make sure no traffic is coming before starting to film every single shot. Depending on the degree on injury, 991 or 999 may need to be called.
Hitting the bowl and mug together and potential breakage in the living room. Make sure they aren’t hit together with full force, and have a brush on set. Make sure all of the broken china is cleared up before any more shots are filmed.
A glass of water being near to the body and lens of the camera. Make sure the camera is not close enough to the water for it to get into or onto it. If the water is spilled onto the camera or lens then it will need to be cleared up.
Food and drink – choking. Be careful when consuming. Make sure they are fine.

X: Film Schedule

In order to make sure we film all of the footage we need, as well as any additional re-shots, we have created a film schedule; this allows us to obtain everything that we need for our film with extra time if anything needs to be re-done. Below is the schedule, of which we will be sticking to throughout the production.

Day 1
December 21st 2015
Montage shots. Walking in from shopping, unpacking shopping.
Food shots – eating and the plate being empty the previous day.
Shot, but needed re-shooting on day 2.
Day 2
December 23rd 2015
Shots of Gina going into the living room, falling asleep then being awoken with Olivia in there. The chase scene.
Shots from the attic and eye contact scene.
Day 3
December 27th 2015
Re-shooting of the food scene, Gina making her food and sitting down at the table. Discovering it is gone the next day.
Day 4
December 29th 2015
Shots of the laptop, Gina researching film cameras. Shots of her making coffee. Shots to show her receiving camera by post.

X: Script (Version 4)

Esme and I had another idea for our short film; we have added in another scene at the beginning of our film that will be inter-cut with the montage that was originally at the beginning. We decided that our film may be a little vague and hard to understand, so we feel like this will help the audience to understand what is happening during our film better.

X-Script (4)

X: Script (Version 3)

The actor who we had previously been cast as Jonathan had to pull out of playing the lead role in our film, which meant that we had to re-cast our film. We could not find another male actor who was believable and available as much as we needed, which meant that we needed to change our characters gender from male to female. We originally cast Scarlett Bashford as the protagonist, but found that it was hard to make her look old enough for the role, so Esme is now playing the main character. This also meant that we had to adapt our script, to change the name and gender of our main character.

X-Script (3)