X: Location Scouting

Esme and I having been thinking of where we should film aspects of our film. The majority of the film is set in one single location, inside of a house. For this, we will most likely use Esme’s house, as the layout is ideal for our film. I have blurred her exact location out on Photoshop.

esmes house

esmes house zoom

One scene of the film is set in a work location. We thought perhaps we could film this at our school or in a local coffee shop. However the noise levels may be hard to work with in the coffee shop locations, so we most likely film the scene in school, as this will have smarter looking people working in the background naturally.

sheldon school sheldon school zoom


X: Casting (Make-Up Experimentation)

After looking at tutorials, Esme and I decided to try and recreate the make-up styles in order to make sure that Callum looks the age that we want him to. Both of us tried this experimentation, but we found that Esme’s looked more effective than mine, therefore it would be best for her to do the make-up for our main character, as we want him to look as believable as possible. Below are the photographs to show the make-up experimentation:

X: Casting

We have chosen our actor to play the lead role of Jonathan, our protagonist. Callum is only 16 years old, so we have to figure out a way to turn him into a man in his 30’s or 40’s, and make this believable.

Below are screenshots from a PowerPoint presentation that Esme and I created, in order to help us age the actor and make him look more in-character. We looked online, and at YouTube tutorials to help us with this process.

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X: Character Moodboards

Together, Esme and I decided to create mood boards for each of the characters, to show their costume and general look.

It begins with our main character, Jonathan. Then, his co-worker, Gina. Third is the psychic, Krystal Moon and lastly is the girl in the cupboard, Olivia.

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X: Script

Here is the script Esme and I have written for our short film, X. The script also includes casting and the names of our characters, as well as some shot descriptions, to help us and the actors get a sense of how the film will come across to our audience.

X – Script

Short Film Idea: Name (X)

We wanted the name of our short film to be something similar to unknown or undiscovered, but we found that films with all of these words as their names already existed. We decided to use the thesaurus to help find another suitable and similar word that did not already exist as a film. We looked at “unknown”, and found “X”. We looked at the definition for X and decided that would be the name of our short film, as it is short and intriguing, but does not give too much away about the plot itself.

Short Film Idea: Practising Shots

Esme and I went around our school, taking photographs with a Canon EOS M, to practise angles and different types of shots that we want to use when filming our short film. We also wanted to practise using the camera with the 18-135 mm lens that we used with it. Below are the shots:

Short Film Idea: Synopsis of Group Idea

Characters: Jonathan Bracer, Olivia Shacklebury, office worker named Gina (friend of Jonathan) and the supernatural advisor known as Krystal Moon.

Before even meeting the main character, the audience are shown a montage of clips showing doors being closed then opened again, leftovers of food disappearing.

Jonathan is at work talking with a co-worker, over a coffee break, about how items in his house are going missing and how his doors seem to be being left open when he thinks he has closed them. His co-worker suggests the idea that what is happening in his house is supernatural, perhaps a spirit that is haunting his home.

At home, Jonathan begins to look up on the internet about supernatural hauntings and real-life ghost buster. He decides to call a woman to take a look at his house and analyse the potential of him having a spirit, as his wants to fix the ‘problem’ that his has on his hands.

The woman comes to his house; Jonathan welcomes her and shows her around, pointing where things have gone missing or have moved. After a while, the woman tells him that she cannot sense any spirits in his house, and that it is impossible that he has a ghost living with him.

Jonathan wakes up in the middle of the night, and from his perspective the audience sees a silhoutte stood at the end of his bed, he rolls to the side and picks up his phone, turning the torch on. When he rolls back, and the torch flashes across the room, a figure is seen running away.

He chases after the figure, down the stairs and into his kitchen. He turns the light on with the light switch on his wall, and sees a woman half way into one of his cupboards, she is shown clambering into it. A moment of eye contact is shown, and a brief flashback is shown of the man talking to his co-worker (as he comes to the realisation that the woman is wearing the same clothes we was a few days ago). The audience are shown Olivia in the cupboard with bedding and nibbled bits of food around her.

A man’s voice is heard saying “What the”-, then the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Short Film Idea: Questionnaire 2

After getting feedback about my film, I decided to work with my friend Esme to complete a short film. We created a questionnaire comparing both of our films. We added both of our short film plots then asked people to answer these simple questions:

(My short film synopsis) – A, (Esme’s short film synopsis) – B

Which of these film plots do you like best?

The result of this question was half and half. 6 people voted for A and 6 people voted for B. The people who took the questionnaire liked both of our ideas equally.

Which of these films would be easiest and more practical to create?

Idea A, my idea, was voted the most practical idea. 10 people voted for A and only 2 people voted for B.

Then, we asked for any suggestions on how to make either of the ideas more practical to film.

Most people said that they had no suggestions for us, but two people suggested a change of location for short film B to be more practical, and two other people suggested that the crash would be hard to film in B, so it would need to be put across in a different way, e.g. a black screen but the noises of a car crash.

After completing this questionnaire, me and Esme decided to work on my film BUT use aspects of her film intertwined with my idea to make it more interesting and scarier, e.g. adding a supernatural twist to the ‘person’ hiding out in the man’s house.